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How to open Milkshake and thick shake franchise?

Is there hardly anyone who doesn’t love milkshakes or thick shakes? Milkshakes are an excellent summer drink and accompaniment to meals or supper. If prepared using nuts, dry fruits, or healthy fats, milkshakes are an excellent health drink. Milkshakes that are high in protein and fiber may even help in weight loss by keeping one full and satiated. That’s why starting a milkshake & thick shake franchise business is a great choice. Before we discuss the prospects of starting a milkshake & thick shake franchise business, let’s check some of the points that will generally help you open a milkshake bar:
# A nice catchy brand name
# A prime location where people usually hangout for a fresh drink  or quick smoothie
# The right pricing strategy for the energy and nutritional values delivered
# Attractive seasonal offers & discounts (such as free tasters)
# Proper brand packaging, of course.

Why Milkshake?
The milkshake and thick shake franchise business have expanded rapidly in recent times. This is because consumers are constantly looking for refreshingly innovative super healthy drinks that help keep themselves hydrated and are free from harmful preservatives and chemicals, given the sheer number of packaged drinks hitting the shelves these days. Bottled drinks are packed with high sugar content and can adversely affect our health. It can lead to diseases including diabetes, liver, kidney, and heart-related diseases, and tooth and bone decay, just to name a few.

Come summer you will find people exploring different ways to maintain their hydration levels to keep diseases at a distance, maintain blood circulation, increase energy levels and remove harmful toxins from the body. Today you’ll find every bit possible from coconut milk vegan milkshakes and avocado to ‘freakshakes’ served with a topping of cream, brownie bites, or dressed up with delicious desserts.

Milkshake Market:
Industry experts believe the global packaged milkshake market is valued at more than £180 billion, expected to grow at an annual CAGR of 6.3 percent during the forecast period, 2020 – 2025. Although there are insufficiently clear numbers on freshly made shakes, it is expected that they are projected to register a CAGR of 7.2% during the same forecast period. This is an indication that café and restaurant franchises should witness success with milkshake or thick shake brands in the future.

If health is one point that is attracting more entrepreneurs toward starting thick shake and milkshake bars in urban pockets, the segment itself is marked by diverse product offerings. This means even the addition of plant-based milkshakes alongside the regular offerings is possible with a bit of innovation. Whether it’s integrating a popular ingredient into milkshakes or enhancing their protein content, there are numerous ways by which a milkshake and thick shake franchise can attract customers to visit the store.

Social media has been a popular channel for reviewing and rating different milkshake drinks, brands, and outlets available locally, thus it’s safe to presume that franchisees can only benefit from the promotional activities taking place on a brand level on social media. Interested to start a milkshake or thick shake franchise, but don’t know how? Simply give us a call for a one-on-one consultation today.


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