Is Food Franchise Industry getting back on track?

Before 2020, those wanting to invest in franchises were looking for businesses that were recession-proof to get the fullest bang for their buck. Post-pandemic, things changed fast to include the caveat, ‘pandemic proof’, the standard by which a business owner or an entrepreneur gauges the overall success rate. This literally means that any franchise business should not only be immune to any global health and economic crisis, but should self-evolve to the next logical level, and scale up as a result. No industry better than food manufacturing was able to prove its durability and adaptability during the recent pandemic.  Many of the food Franchise business  available in Chennai

Impact of pandemic on the Food Franchise Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic, which unleashed a wave of lockdowns, social distancing and work from home norms, had put the food franchise industry in a spot of bother. Food-home delivery business saw light at the end of the tunnel. However, the most affected segment in the food industry seems to be the dine-in businesses. Both the franchisors and the franchisees suffered considerably as normalcy came to a standstill. Even aspiring business owners had second-thoughts about venturing into new franchises. The food industry, in general, had to play the waiting game for the COVID curve to flatten out, and cases to subside so that part normalcy is restored. This had resulted in a number of young entrepreneurs aspiring to open new food franchises. Let us tell you that there are more food franchise opportunities in Chennai than you imagined of. Simply give us a call as we bring you some exciting franchise business opportunities in Chennai and TamilNadu. Franchise is the Franchise business opportunity landmark, if you are very keen to start a food franchise business  franchise landmark experienced consultant will guide you.

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As per a report by Franchise byte, a franchise consult brand, the F&B franchises have seen an upward growth curve in the last three months against last year. The main categories in the F&B industry that witnessed a high growth rate can be broadly classified into:

  • Chicken Franchise
    Chicken, one of the highly organized businesses in the animal husbandry industry, is acceptable by most Indian communities, and is available almost everywhere, at highly reasonable costs compared to other types of meat. In the last three months of 2022, the chicken franchise has witnessed an incredible growth rate of 5x in comparison to previous years during the same period.
  • Tea & Coffee
    This sector is undoubtedly the most popular food franchise model as it is not investment intensive, and requires minimal capital cost for running, and, for this reason, it is creating fresh opportunities for aspiring franchisees and potential franchisor brands and investors.  As per recent studies, the tea and coffee franchises have been exponentially growing at a rate of 4x as compared to the previous year. The retail franchises are growing well in comparison with the Indian Dhabas. Expect more tea and coffee franchisor brands and chain of franchises in the immediate future
  • Bakery
    Like the tea and coffee franchises, the bakery franchise has also been witnessing a considerable growth rate of about 4x compared to previous years’ performance. This high growth in turn has created equal growth opportunities for both men as well as women. If you’re passionate about bakery products, and want to expose your entrepreneurial skills, then bakery franchise is the right option for you.
  • Waffle Franchise
    The waffle franchise is very popular as a perfect gourmet dessert item. This popularity is often attributed to the increased viewing of American TV shows in India. The waffle franchise has a huge potential in the F&B industry, and is already a niche area to reckon with. As per reports, the waffle franchise is witnessing a competitive growth rate of 4.5x this year compared to how it fared in the previous years.
  • Cloud Kitchen
    Cloud kitchen, once an innovative concept, is now ubiquitous as it requires low to moderate investment.  If there’s a possibility of another wave of pandemic, customers will be majorly ordering through delivery apps. Cloud kitchen, which has witnessed a growth rate of 5x against the previous years, is therefore expected to make a big impact in the coming years.

The point is this is the best time to start a food franchise of any popular franchisor brand, as the dark days are coming to an end. If you’ve an innovative idea to scale up the overall growth, providing you select the right brand, you’re almost guaranteed of achieving improved cash flow and increased ROI. If you are really franchise mentorship you can rely on strategizer franchise consulting services.


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